Motion Perception Video

Examples and Applications

Haptter is an innovative videomarketing motion perception technology allowing users feeling the action, motion or product features in a mobile video advertisement, creating a feeling of reality, improving the user experience, brand recall and interaction, through the use of haptics.

LandingVideoEnglishHaptter technology allows you create motion perception marketing and branding videos or adapt your existing to a new fidelity and communication dimension with users. Create your videos with Haptter technology and make your customers feel your product at fingertips. Here are some examples you can play using your Android Browser (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, etc):

LEXUS GS F 2016 The Spirit of GS F “Born on the Circuit”


 CocaCola: Share the feeling


But Haptter can help you connecting with your audience showing them what they are going to feel and see when buying your new game release, before buying…

Introduction Trailer to Call of Duty Black Ops III game by Activision


Or introducing your new StarWars film before going to the cinema…

Rogue One: A StarWars Story. Official Trailer by Disney & Lucas Film


Now your imagination has no limits for feelings and engagement creation

¡Create your videos with Haptter so your audience can feel them!

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