This is a short list of our most frequently asked questions. For more information about Haptter, or if you need support, please contact us.

What does Haptic means?

Although Haptics is usually defined as related to touch it can be extended to other than sight and hearing feelings like smell and taste. Nevertheless Haptter uses haptic feedback to inmerse the user in a better video experience in order to provide real action feelings like bumps, road, ground, music rythm and effects, breaks and movement in general. For more information on haptics read here.

What is Haptter?

Haptter is a technology that allows you not only create a simple video but a perception video. A perception video is a video you can play, touch and feel in your smartphone. It add a perception track that store your motion during recording as well as it can generate feeling for different situations like, accelerating, braking, twisting, vibrating, moving, etc.
Further, you can create perception videos using your favorite clips, films and music, creating a new concept of sharable perception videos that anyone can play and feel using a smartphone and a compatible browser.

Can I watch videos not recorded with Haptter?

Of course! not only you can watch any video, Haptter will automatically generate and match effects to the played video in order to obtain the best visual and sensorial experience ever with your favorite music and films. You’ll feel music, rythm, words, hits, shots, etc. The strength of the effects will be controlled by you depending on your taste and sensitivity.

Which is the best way of enjoying Haptter?

Our experience tell us that haptic feelings are more intense and realistic when your brain is able to feel video, audio and vibration independently without mutual interference or noise. Hence, the best way of enjoying a perception video is using a well adjusted to your ears headphone and grabbing your mobile phone or tablet firmly with your fingertips located behind the device. This posture avoid ambience noise as well as interference from your playing device increasing your immersion experience as fingertips are the most sensitive parts of your hand.

Is it safe to use Haptter?

Haptter is completely safe. It is able to generate at most 0.1g (0.98m/s2) with a typical tablet vibrator. According to the EU physical agent directive (vibration) 2002/44/EC the maximum time you can be exposed to this level of vibration is in the order of days to be unsafe for the user. Nevertheless, like any other electronic device, we do not recommend to use Haptter more that two hours per day to minimize possible problems, specially elders and children. For more information about vibration and health you can visit Vibrosense Dynamics webpage and calculate your daily exposure depending on your job and the tools you usually handle. You can also read the whole European directive here.

Where does the name come from?

Haptic is defined as feelings other than sight and hearing involved in your human sensorial experiences. For instance, current videos or images can be viewed and watched but not touched. Our technology provides of a mean to record and reproduce what you felt when recording your activity or create a perception video from any conventional video so as you create a perception video, you are a haptter!

How did the idea come about?

We started working to help visually impaired people to feel images by using vibration on their phones. The idea sounded good and blind people were able to “touch” images on a conventional mobile phone or tablet. So, if we were able to provide of tactile feeling to still images why not trying to generate haptic content to videos for everyone.
So we created Haptter to solve three simple problems:
1.  You want to record your amazing videos but you can’t record what you feel while making them. Our technology allows you to record your experiences in an easy and ubiquitous way.
2.  Sharing on multiple platforms is a pain – we help you create it once, then share it on multiple services.
3.  You want to play your videos by feeling the real action in the tips of your fingers, enhancing your video experience for multiples uses like advertising, entertainment, etc.

What other services are you compatible with?

Currently, you can share your videos anywhere, from Social networks to websites, and messaging applications or email.

Is there an API or developer program?

Yes, it will be available on demand.

Who will see my perception videos?

Videos you publish are under the rules of the place you publish the link to the haptter player.

Will my perception videos be reproduced in a computer or other platforms?

Perception videos you publish can be reproduced by any video player using any digital platform being compatible, nevertheless you will not be able to reproduce the perception content unless you play it using a compatible browser in a mobile phone.

Is it possible to play these videos on iOS, Blackberry, Windows Phone, etc?

iOS and Windows Phone has some limitations with compatibility that doesn’t  allow perception videos to be played, so it is impossible right now to play these kind of videos in a browser. Nevertheless, it is technically possible to play them using our own player and API available under special agreement.